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  • How long does the hack take?
    The hack is applied instantly after payment, we just have to wait for one of our "hackers" to be free. The statistically approximate time in which they stop bothering their contacts is 24 hours. To your personal number it is 3-7 days and the maximum is 14 days. If they continue after this period, the hack can be reinforced at no extra cost.
  • How can you help me?
    Movapp is a movement that is dedicated to supporting people in their case, we offer advice, we answer their questions and psychological support for free, we also offer them a solution to prevent those behind the loan apps from harassing them. psychologically. The recovery fee we ask for for each application is 500.00 MXN. This amount is solely due to the fact that we have IT specialists working for you and the maintenance of our servers and advisors. It is important to clarify that after the hack, the debt with the app to which it is applied is lost. The hack is an extra service that we offer, it is the only thing that has a cost as such, but its objective and function is to stop bothering your contacts and, in a matter of time, you.

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